AFI: A Fire Inside

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Davey Havok, Vocals
Jade Puget, Guitar
Hunter Burgan, Bass
Adam Carson, Drums


Mark Stopholese, Guitar
Vic Chalker, Bass


AFI started as a band when three high school buddies from Ukiah, California decided to start their own punk band somewhere during 1991. The problem was that no one of the three, Davey Havok, Mark Stopholese and Vic Chalker, knew how to play any musical instrument. But their resolve to start up their own band motivated them to learn playing the instrument of their choice.

They eventually recruited another friend, Adam Carson into their group as their drummer, for the very reason that Adam owns is own drum kit. After Stopholese, Chalker, Havok and Carson got together, it wasn’t long before they were able to make their own recording in 1993 with their split EP titled Dork.

But it wasn’t long before AFI disbanded as the different members attended different colleges. But then they reunited at one time in order to perform a live show and the band members then decided to continue with AFI full-time.

After some years of coming out with albums and line-up changes, their breakthrough into mainstream success came on 2003 with the Sing the Sorrow album. From then on, they started gaining more and more fans to their type of music influenced by dark yet romantic tones in its lyrics that can go the hard rock route at times, as evidenced from the variety of songs that they come out with in each of their albums.

Notable Songs

Girl’s Not Grey, Silver And Cold, The Leaving Song Pt. 2, Miss Murder, Interview

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