Acceptance Biography

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Band Information

Music Style: Alternative Rock
Country: United States
Year: 1998- 2006




Jason Vena- vocals
Christian McAlhaney- guitars, vocals
Kaylan Cloyd- guitars
Ryan Zwiefelhofer- bass
Nick Radovanovic- drum set


Peter Pizzuto- drums (original member)
Garrett Lunceford – drums
Chris Camp – bass



Acceptance was an alternative rock band that hailed from Seattle, Washington. The band first got together in 1998. The band enjoyed a considerable following while playing live gigs around Seattle. The band released an EP entitled The Lost Words in 1999.

The band steadily gained more exposure in the rock music scene by touring extensively with other bands and promoted their EP. With hard work, the band was able to sell about 5,000 copies of their debut EP. This led to other EP’s and extensive touring up until Columbia Records signed up the band that led to the release of their major label debut in 2005, Phantoms.

This album became part of a controversy as it was one of the many albums that contained the Sony rootkit, a hidden software that automatically installs into a user’s PC to intercept access to the CD drive to prevent songs from being ripped or copied. Short of releasing a second album, the band sadly broke up, citing lead vocalist Jason Vena’s wish to lead a "more normal life". The other band members has since went on to continue playing with other bands.



Phantoms- Released 2005