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Foo Fighters Biography

April 27, 2007

MembersCurrent:Dave Grohl, Vocals, Guitars, DrumsTaylor Hawkins, Drums, Percussion, VocalsNate Mendel, BassChris Shiflett, Guitar, Backing VocalsFormer:William Goldsmith, Drums, PercussionPat Smear, Lead Guitar, Backing VocalsFranz Stahl, Lead Guitar, Backing VocalsHistoryThe Foo Fighters is a rock band that was formed sometime during 1995 by former Nirvana drummer, Dave Grohl. The band was formed partly due to the untimely demise of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in 1994 which prematurely dissolv…

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Bush Biography

April 17, 2007

MembersCurrent:Gavin Rossdale, Vocals, GuitarRobin Goodridge, Drums, PercussionChris Traynor, GuitarFormer:Dave Parsons, BassSacha Putnam, KeyboardsNigel Pulsford, GuitarHistoryBush is a grunge band that hailed from England that was formed in 1992. They were known for being the first British grunge act that became popular in America with their heavy guitar-driven music blending well with Rossdale’s guttural voice typical of the popular grunge music that was becoming popular during that time. In …

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Better Than Ezra Biography

April 10, 2007

Members Current:Kevin Griffin, Vocals, GuitarTom Drummond, BassTravis McNabb, DrumsFormer:Cary Bonnecaze, DrumsJoel Rundell, GuitarHistoryBetter Than Ezra was formed by Kevin Griffin along with original members Joel Rundell, Tom Drummond and Cary Bonnecaze while attending college at Louisiana State University sometime in 1987. Better Than Ezra began as a quartet band that played cover songs around campus bars at LSU and the neighboring fraternity houses. By 1990, they were able to record and rel…

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Audioslave Biography

April 4, 2007

MembersChris Cornell, Lead VocalsTom Morello, GuitarTim Commerford, Bass and Back-up VocalsBrad Wilk, DrumsHistoryAudioslave was formed at a time when another band broke up. Sometime in October of 2000, Zach de la Rocha decided to leave the band Rage Against the Machine due to supposedly creative differences. The three other members of the band, Morello, Commerford and Wilk, decided to stay together and sought out a replacement for de la Rocha. They were able to meet with Chris Cornell of Soundg…

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AFI: A Fire Inside

April 4, 2007

MembersCurrent:Davey Havok, VocalsJade Puget, GuitarHunter Burgan, BassAdam Carson, DrumsFormer:Mark Stopholese, GuitarVic Chalker, BassHistoryAFI started as a band when three high school buddies from Ukiah, California decided to start their own punk band somewhere during 1991. The problem was that no one of the three, Davey Havok, Mark Stopholese and Vic Chalker, knew how to play any musical instrument. But their resolve to start up their own band motivated them to learn playing the instrument …

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